a non-profit esports organization
for disabled gamers only

Para Esports

Para Esports is a non-profit esports organization for disabled gamers only. The organization was created in May 2021 by Martin Stengård, the father to Sigge in team Para.Ghost, in order to break Sigge's involuntary isolation and give him a more full and greater meaning with his everyday life.


The start of the organization's team dates back to May 2021 then playing CS:GO under the name Lilmix.Para in Lilmix. After one year the manager Martin Stengård started an own organization, Para Esports and moved the team to the new organization. The team is now named PARA.Ghost and consist of five players in ages 15 to 26.

The unique values of PARA Esports is that we strive to engage in esport for disabled gamers only. We have selected the term “Different Is The New Cool” and by different, we mean gamers that have functional variations. Many of these gamers do not want to be seen and heard on streaming channels due to the toxic online environment and bullying. The word different also includes mental functional variations such as autism, ADHD, social phobia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and many more.


PARA Esports shall engage in Esports within the Para segment.

PARA Esports shall develop esports assistive devices for disabled gamers. Everyone should be able to play and compete at their normal level wherever they go. The working name for this concept is BYOGE - “Bring Your Own Gaming Environment”.

PARA Esports shall work toward hosting one or more high tier esport teams.

PARA Esports and PARA teams shall participate in events and tournaments within Sweden and abroad.

PARA Esports shall promote the Para Esport movements through local, national and global associations.

PARA.Ghost Logotype

PARA.Ghost is a “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” team that consists of five guys aged 15 to 26. The uniqueness of this team is that everyone has the same progressive muscle disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). The fact that the players in the team have similar everyday life creates a calm and deeper understanding of each other situation. They are there for each other, they share the same world.

PARA.Ghost was created in early May 2021 and practices two to three times a week and has regular players. No player should feel pressure to perform to stay in the team. Missed practices or periods of less good team play, due to doctor visits, symptoms of the disease, should not create worries or anxiety of being kicked from the team.

“We believe in building a safe atmosphere, continuity and commitment and we build that by becoming as close-knit as possible.”


Sigge - age 16

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Rasmus- age 19

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Emil- age 21

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Christopher - age 24

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Sebastian - age 26

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Partners & Sponsors

Webhallen is our main partner and has provided each team player in PARA.Ghost with a top quality gaming PC to enable each player to stream, train and compete at their highest level.

Events - Sweden

There are a couple of events in Sweden we try to visit every year. But these events are quite expensive since each player in team PARA.Ghost have a minimum of two assistants when going on the road. Hotel and travel are our largest expenses as of today.

Why are these events important? Well, when other gamers meet us IRL, that’s when they really grasp our challenges and what we are trying to achieve.

Branded Sponsor Events
  • Visiting Dreamhack Summer and Winter in Jönköping
  • Going on one or two boot camps in Sweden

Events - Abroad

We aim to visit an IEM event and/or a Dreamhack outside of Sweden each year with one or more teams.

Branded Sponsor Events
  • Visiting Dreamhack in USA
  • Visiting an IEM Event (Cologne, Katowice)


Since our team PARA.Ghost have limited muscle strength we are always looking for lightweight and/or compact gear.

  • Lightweight mouses and headsets
  • Small or personalized mouses
  • Compact keyboards

Product Development

We would like to develop assistive products for our team and our community. Ways of supporting this initiative are listed below.

  • 3D printing capacity for experimental equipment
  • Adjustments of gear to reduce their weight
  • Brainstorming durable “Bring Your Own Gaming Environment” solutions